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Originally from Brussels and with British and Swedish parents, I emigrated to the UK in 1994 to attend the London Film School. In1999 i made the move to Director of Photography starting out in music videos which was followed by a natural move to TV promos, commercials, short format branded content films, Short drama films in the UK mainly but also abroad in Canada, SA, the US, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Spain, etc.


Film is a collaborative art and I find working towards this common goal with so many tools and people in different departments a hugely satisfying experience. I really enjoy being a building block in this process and I try to experience as many ways as possible to place and move the camera and lights, to use new equipment out there but also to learn how and where to compromise.

Like many, I have soft spot for the handheld camera, it's dynamics, it's specific psychological perspective and the extra layer of storytelling it adds, luckily that is not all I do... dollies, cranes, tracking vehicles, gimball rigs are also tools I love to work with...whatever the brief and the prep demands!


Branded clients have included UNICEF, CAT, Dove, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Cadburys, Tesco, Vertu, Discovery, AXA, Nissan, Viacom, Disney, Molson Beer, BT, Heineken, EA Games, Sony Playstation, Braun, LEGO, Cambridge Audio, and so many more with creative teams from the likes of  JWT, Ogilvy&Mather, TBWA, ReThink, AKQA, Beast, Duval Guillaume, Marcel, GFORCE/GREY, Delete, Brothers&Sisters and production Cos such as Partn&rs Toronto, Les Fils de in Paris, Radioaktive and Limelight in Kiev, Great Guns and many more in London, Made In Brussels in Belgium...


The lucky holder of dual British and US citizenships, I was brought up in a very multilingual environment. A native French and English speaker, I am pretty fluent in Swedish and Dutch, my spanish is rusty but it is a language I love. Language abilities have been very helpful in working with different crews and cultures.

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